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Charcoal Premium Baby Alpaca Fur Hat


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This charcoal alpaca hat is made of premium baby alpaca fiber. It offers an extremely warm hat, that is beautiful and sophisticated. This handmade hat is incredibly lightweight, soft, warm and provides the perfect fit!

This alpaca hat is pure luxury and is an ideal gift for you or a loved one.

100% Super Baby Alpaca Fur

Available Sizes:
One Size Fits Mosts

High-Quality Alpaca Products

Alpacas were originally developed to serve the royalty of South America. Alpaca fiber is luxurious, strong, warm, hypoallergenic, and extremely warm. It also naturally repels water and is flame resistant.

Alpaca fiber is warmer and stronger than wool, and so resistant to saturation that it’s nearly water-repellant. It’s also free of the lanolin that is present in wool, making it hypoallergenic. Lighter shades of the fleece also take dyes beautifully, making it invaluable to our designers when they want to bring a vibrant sweater design to life.

Alpaca fiber production is also a very humane process and no animals are harmed in the process of growing or harvesting fiber.

Alpaca Hat Care
Wipe with a damp cloth
Use a hairdryer to fluff
Brush gently
Country of Origin

Made in Peru.

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