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Jenna February 2024


Jenna is sweet and lovable just like her dam. She was born to first-time mom Vicki and had a difficult first few weeks. Jenna was what the industry calls a “dummy cria” and this name comes from her inability to function when born. To Jenna she was still in the womb and for 20 days she would lay against the wall or in a dark corner. We did not give up on her and neither did her superb mother.

While Vicki did her best to get Jenna engaged, we would bottle feed her and make sure she was receiving enough nutrients to keep her alive while she figured out the world around her. On day 21 Jenna realized she was alive, she finally knew she had a mom, and she discovered her mom had milk. It felt like a miracle. Jenna started to nurse, she would play with the other babies, and she became healthy and happy.

Jenna’s dam is a blue ribbon showgirl and her sire is a 2x color champion. She carries very long staple length that she received from both parents. Her fiber has a nice handle and her crimp structure is developing.

Jenna’s color genotype is EE a2a3. Her ASIP alleles show she has a black allele in both locations. Her MC1R alleles show she has no dilution. This genotype combination tells us she cannot produce light-colored offspring. She will produce offspring that are dark fawn or darker, with a tendency for darker colors.

General Information

Highlights: Color Genotype EE a2a3
Type: Female Huacaya Alpaca
Status: Unproven Breeder
Birthdate: 06/13/2023
Official Name: Cotton Creek's Jenna
Registration: Alpaca Owners Association
ARI No: 36314225
Color: True Black


Sire: Fun in the Country's Leviticus - ARI# 32160758 (LSG)
Dam: Snowmass America Virtuosity - ARI# 35538363 (DSG)


Certificate of Registration

Price: $3,000

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