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Hunter and Adel Making Friends in the 4-H Barn4-H is the largest youth development organization in Michigan and it provides more than 200,000 young people with experiential learning opportunities to explore new interests and discover their passion.

We believe 4-H should not be limited to youth who have the privilege to live on a working farm. 4-H should be available to all those who want to participate regardless of their location or economic status.

As part of our ongoing effort to give back to the community in which we live, we open our farm and alpacas to extend the reach of 4-H participation within the Grand Traverse area. We are active members of the Northwest Michigan 4-H Livestock Council's Llama and Alpaca group.

We welcome and encourage participation from youth of all ages. We also welcome youth that are part of Northwest Michigan 4-H Livestock Council's Differently Abled Program. We will do our part to make sure our 4-H group is inclusive and that everyone experiences a program that encourages, nurtures, and supports them.

4-H is not about the animal. 4-H is about creating and fostering an environment that allows kids to grow through learning and experiencing life through their livestock. Alpacas have an amazing ability to help nurture that growth.

Cotton Creek Farms does offer alpaca rentals so children without farms can participate:

  • We have a limited capacity for this effort and this must be planned well in advance so we have enough animals available for all children who want to join and use our alpacas.
  • Experienced 4-H'ers will be asked to mentor Cloverbuds and new 4-H participants.
  • We reserve the right to source rental alpacas to the children who demonstrate the strongest desire to actively participate in the program, can dedicate time to bond and train their alpacas, demonstrate a willingness to mentor younger members, and who understand the requirements of 4-H fair week, barn duties, and care of the alpacas.
  • Participants of our rental program are required to sign a contract that acknowledges program requirements and pledges 100% participation in required activities.
  • 4-H'ers who fail to meet their contractual obligations will forfeit the right to participate in future program years.

If you live in Grand Traverse county and you would like to become a member of our Farm and Fleece 4-H alpaca group, please reach out to us and let us know.

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