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Alpaca Sweaters

Our alpaca sweaters are made to keep you warm and toasty throughout the fall and winter months. Sweaters include many different styles from fashionable sweater dresses and cardigans to casual crew necks and sweater coats.

Alpaca is a favorite material for sweaters because it is as soft as cashmere, three times warmer than sheep’s wool, hypoallergenic, and sustainable. And since alpaca fiber comes in over 20 natural colors that include variations of white, beige, fawn, brown, grey, and black, sweaters can be made without chemicals and dyes.

From lightweight knits ideal for fall and spring to thick, chunky patterns that keep you warm in even the harshest of conditions, an alpaca sweater is a versatile clothing item that will become a staple in any wardrobe for both men and women.

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