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Cotton Creek Farms offers alpaca boarding and agistment services on a short-term and long-term basis for both male and female alpacas.

All boarding services include adequate shelter and fencing, hay, grain, minerals, fresh water, and ongoing care such as herd health checks, preventative medication for Meningeal Worm, and toenail trimming. Additional services for fecal tests, vet care, or shearing are the responsibility of the alpaca owner.

Whether you are new to alpacas, our alpacas need a climate change, or you just need a temporary home for your livestock, we can provide alpaca boarding with the same love and care we provide to our own herd.

Boarding Cost

  • Boarding costs are set at $3.50-$4.00 per day, per alpaca
  • Discounts apply for boarding of an entire herd
  • Payment is required at the first of each month and can be set to auto bill to a credit card for easy and efficient payment
  • Boarding fees do not include expenses related to fecal tests, vet visits and care, or shearing

Boarding Services Included

  • Fully separate areas for male and female boarders and residents
  • Fully enclosed shelter
  • No climb fencing
  • Hay and/or fresh pasture
  • Daily grain (Cotton Creek Farm’s formula)
  • Free choice minerals
  • Preventative medication for Meningeal Worm in spring through fall months
  • Monthly health checks
  • Toenail trimming

Additional Fine Print

  • Agistor agrees to provide adequate feed and facilities for normal and reasonable care required to maintain the health and well-being of the animal. “Normal and reasonable care” means the same standard of care currently applied in the management of the alpacas owned by Agistor.
  • During the time the alpacas are in the care and custody of Agistor, Agistor shall not be liable for any sickness, disease, estray, theft, death, or other injuries which may be suffered by the alpaca(s) or for any other cause of action arising out of the boarding contract.
  • Boarders represent either that the alpaca is insured with a “full mortality” insurance policy or that the Boarders are acting as their own self-insurer, both as to mortality, and also as to any injury, damage or any event causing a loss of value of the alpaca that may occur. Boarders further agree that their sole remedy, in the event of damage, loss or any event causing a loss of value to the alpaca shall be to make claim against any insurance policy that they have acquired. If Boarders fail to acquire such insurance and hence act as their own self-insurer, they shall be deemed to have waived any claim against Agistor both as to mortality, and also as to any injury, damage or any event causing a loss of value of the alpaca that may occur.
  • Boarders agree to hold Agistor harmless from any claim resulting from damage or injury caused by the alpaca to anyone and agree to pay any attorney’s fees, costs, or expenses incurred in defense of such claims.
  • Boarders authorize emergency veterinary care and agree to pay all necessary and reasonable veterinary charges for services rendered to the alpaca while in the care of Agistor.
  • Boarders are responsible for all costs of transportation of their alpaca to and from Agistor.

Boarding is available free for 30 days for all alpacas purchased from our farm. This provides the new owners ample time to prepare for their new herd.

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