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Color genotyping can sound rather scary, but it is simply the process of determining what type of coat color genes an alpaca carries. When you know this information, you know what color of crias an alpaca is capable of producing. Armed with this data, you can better predict the color of the cria you will get from individual breedings, as well as what colors are possible from pairing together specific alpacas within your herd.

As alpaca breeders of color, genotyping provides the following benefits:

  • Offers base color of an individual alpaca
  • Identifies which alpacas can or cannot produce white or light crias when bred to a white alpaca
  • Identifies which light colored alpacas can or cannot produce black crias when bred
  • Increase probability and predictability of expected fiber colors
  • Reduce probabilities for suboptimal alpaca combinations
  • Improves fiber quality of dark color offspring
  • Reduces chances of miscarriages in certain breeding combinations
  • Increase farm revenue through the production of higher-quality fiber and more predictable color outcomes

Ad Hoc Consulting

Want to talk color genotyping? We’ll help you determine if genotyping can benefit you and your alpaca farm goals.

This service is available for $100/hour. Consultations can cover anything from genotyping education to individual alpaca analysis.

Hourly consulting is a great option for alpaca farms that want to explore color genotyping without diving fully into the process.

Herd Evaluation & Analysis

The Neogen testing results are great data points if you know what to do with them. The problem is most alpaca breeders do not know what the results mean, nor do they know how to apply these results to their herd. If you fall within this scenario, help is available.

What’s Included:

  • Breakdown of each alpaca based on their individual results.
  • Recommendation of breeding options based on your questionnaire.
  • List of breeding pairs with the highest probable outcomes in color.
  • Two-hour call to discuss results and answer questions.

Package Pricing:

  • <10 alpacas = $500
  • 10-25 alpacas = $1,000
  • 25-50 alpacas = $1,500
  • >50 inquire on price

If you choose, your alpacas can be cataloged in the database that can be referenced when inquiries are received for a specific color genotype.

Your results and alpacas are 100% confidential to you and will not be shared with anyone else.

Color Genotyping Testing

Includes blood cards sent to you, shipping to lab, testing, and results sent back to you. You are responsible to ship completed cards back to Cotton Creek Farms.

$60 USD per alpaca

Understanding Your Genotyping Results

Alpaca Coat Color Test Results Example
4 Locations of Alpaca Color Testing Data
Color Genotype Origin For MC1R
Color Genotype Origin For ASIP

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