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Adel Baby Alpaca Knit Hat


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Holiday Alpacas ($7.50)

Gift Wrap Design

Holiday Alpacas ($7.50)

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Adel's 2022 fiber was used to create these baby alpaca hats. Each hat is 100% alpaca, handmade by Grandma Lil, and measures approximately 12" x 7".

Adel is a Michigan-born and raised alpaca who lives on our farm. She has been a 4-H superstar, an agritourism favorite, and now she has moved on to mother with the birth of little May. Adel has always been best friends with our son Hunter and will choose him over an alpaca if given the choice.

Adel has a light fawn body with darker fawn spots that occasionally pop up within her fiber. She is adorable but filled with confidence and personality.

You can learn more about Adel by visiting the alpaca section of our website.

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