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Alpaca Coloring Book


Our alpaca coloring book is made with love from our farm in Northern Michigan. The color book is based on our own alpacas and the coloring pages use photos of real-life activity on the farm. Take a step into alpaca farm life with this fun coloring book.

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Take a step inside our farm with this fun alpaca coloring book. It’s perfect for teaching young children about alpacas. The coloring book has 27 pages of alpaca facts, stories from our farm, and line art images of our actual alpacas. We feature some of our favorite alpacas that include Adel, Ariana, Avalon, Bean, Dolly, Heartthrob, Indie, Levi, Nibbler, Princess, Reba, Stormy, and Teddy. If your child loves alpacas, this coloring book would make a great gift.

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