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Alpaca Nesting Balls – 6 Inch Small


Our bird nesting ball is the perfect addition to any backyard or garden. Made from a natural grapevine ball, it provides a sturdy base for the nesting materials while blending seamlessly with the natural surroundings. The alpaca fiber used to construct the ball is 100% natural and eco-friendly, providing a soft and cozy nest for your feathered friends.

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Holiday Alpacas ($7.50)

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  • Christmas Alpaca Wrapping Paper
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Top Features:

  • Made in Michigan: Our nesting balls use fiber from locally raised alpacas that live in a loving and nurturing farm environment.
  • Eco-friendly: Alpaca is an eco-friendly bird nesting material that comes from sustainable animals and their repurposed fiber is completely biodegradable.
  • Attract multiple types of birds: Alpaca wool is a nesting material that attracts wild birds, hummingbirds, songbirds (finches, wrens, and warblers), sparrows, and thrushes (robins and bluebirds).
  • Chemical free: Alpaca wool is a great nest starter for birds because it is dye free and chemical free. We do not wash or dye our fiber, so your birds can use it as nature intended.
  • Great for gifting: Alpaca nesting balls make great gifts for bird lovers, nature lovers, outdoor loves, grandparents, and those hard to shop for people. 

Additional Features: 

  • Creates a soft, warm bed for birds, their eggs, and baby birds.
  • Nesting balls can be hung with twine or virtually any other material.
  • Hang in gardens, porches, balconies, or trees. Virtually anywhere accessible by birds and out of reach of predators will work.
  • Hanging a bird best starter encourages birds to build their nests near your home or office.
  • Alpaca nesting balls are great for outdoor decorations, as well as, nesting material for birds.
  • Alpaca’s hollow fiber makes it temperature regulating and naturally insulated, so is an ideal nesting material.
  • Alpaca fiber also is water resistant, so it dries quickly. 

Birds Who Use Nesting Balls:

  • Songbirds like finches, wrens, and warblers
  • Hummingbirds- Sparrows
  • Thrushes like robins and bluebirds 

Designed to attract a variety of bird species, our alpaca bird nesting ball is easy to hang and maintain. Simply place it in a safe and secure location, then watch as birds begin to use it to build their nests. The tightly woven fibers ensure that the nesting material stays put, even in windy or rainy conditions. 


  • Grapevine
  • Steel
  • Alpaca fiber

With its natural appearance and sturdy construction, our bird nesting ball is sure to provide material that will create a safe and comfortable home for your backyard birds. And with its eco-friendly wool fiber, you can feel good about your purchase knowing that you're supporting sustainable and responsible manufacturing practices.


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