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Alpaca Sleeping Bag


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Our alpaca sleeping bags are a great option for outdoor enthusiasts. Alpaca fiber is called the fiber of the gods for a good reason. It’s three times warmer than sheep’s wool, naturally lightweight, and provides an allergy-free sleeping environment. What makes alpaca so special? It’s the hollow core fiber that insulates you both from the heat and the cold.

Product highlights:

100% alpaca filling
Ripstop 210T nylon outer
79″ x 40″ (fits most adults)
16″ hood
5 pounds

Product features:

Left-side zipper closure (for right-handed folks)
Bottom zipper
Rinstop strong with soft outer shell
Hood with pull cord
Internal windproof wall
Quilt stitching to hold the internal fiber

Care guidelines:

Gentle washing in nonagitator washing machine or hand wash
Line dry

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