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Jalapena Baby Alpaca Knit Hat


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Holiday Alpacas ($7.50)

Gift Wrap Design

Holiday Alpacas ($7.50)

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Jalapena's 2022 fiber was used to create these baby alpaca hats. Each hat is 100% alpaca, handmade by Grandma Lil, and measures approximately 12" x 7".

Jalapena joined our farm in 2022 and we could not love her more. She is a multicolored beauty who produces beautiful rose grey yarn for products. But more important is her love for humans. She is eager to interact, give kisses, sit and chat, and snack from your hand. She also believes she is a large cat who can rub against her favorite humans as if she is snuggling with you. Solid feet are required so she doesn't push you over by accident.

Shortly after arrival, she adopted St. Patrick who was abandoned by his mother. She served as Patrick's mother in every way possible. She snuggled with him, watched over him, and taught him the ins and outs of proper alpaca behavior. She is a remarkable girl who successfully wins the hearts of everyone who meets her.

You can learn more about Jalapena by visiting the alpaca section of our website.

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