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Petiti Black Alpaca Slouch Hat


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These slouch hats utilize Petiti’s 2021 fiber and they are handmade in Michigan by our friend Nancy. They are made from 100% alpaca fiber.

Who is Accoyo America Petiti? She was born in New York and was quickly named Petiti for her pint-size body. We bought Petiti for her beautiful color and superior genetics. Little did we know she would be a rock star of agritourism. If you’ve been to our farm for a tour, Petiti is the crazy girl who runs and greets every human. And we mean every single human. She’s crazy and lovable. While Petiti’s fiber was washed and professionally processed into yarn for knitting, it does have small specs of hay remaining. You can thank Petiti’s love of rolling in hay for this one.

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