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Alpaca Llama and Little Girl

A Year of Growth and Blessings

When Jason and I discussed starting Cotton Creek Farms five years ago, we truly did not know what was in store for us. Hunter was quick to opt in, and I definitely know, he had no idea what was coming.

It was just under three years ago that our family moved into our new home and started our little Northern Michigan farm. We didn’t know where it would take us, but all of us were ready for the adventure.

Fast forward three years and we now have four barns, an onsite store, weekly guided alpaca tours, an alpaca 4-H group, a herd of over sixty alpaca, and last but not least, our rescued llama Lucy. The farm growth meant we needed a livestock trailer for alpaca deliveries, show attendance, and breeding events. It also meant we needed a pasture vacuum to keep up with manure management. That last one just shows me you never know when life will take you.

I don’t think I realized how much has changed for us until my friend Linda was here this week. Linda was the person who introduced Jason and I in 2000. I worked with her back when I spent my days wearing business suits and attending client meetings. With Linda on the farm, I realized that Jason and I have come a long, long way from our suburban lives.

Each weekend we hold tours for the public, and we feel blessed that we can share our home and our alpacas with others. We see the excitement as people arrive to the farm for their tour and their surprise as they walk into our farm store that is loaded with alpaca products and goodies. My favorite part is the sound of giggles. Alpacas have an amazing way of making children belly laugh, screech, and giggle.

We feel blessed beyond words, and we are so thankful to everyone who participated in our farm startup and the growth of our business. It has been a journey and we have met so many people along the way.

Last week the first baby arrived on the farm for the 2021 cria season. This bright white, fluffy alpaca was a symbol of renewal. We celebrate each alpaca arrival, but this one felt a little different. We know the birth represents the arrival of new life, it represents hope, and it is a reminder of all that is good in the world.

As a follow up to little Storm’s arrival, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you.

Jason, Hunter, and I would all like to extend a big thank you to everyone who we were fortunate to encounter this last year. It was a massive year of expansion for us. From our alpaca buyers and tour visitors to those who shopped in the store or covered our farm in the news – we are grateful to you.

So many people have given us wonderful feedback, left online reviews, or shared their experiences on Facebook and Instagram. These gestures have filled my heart with goodness, and they’ve reinforced why we have an alpaca farm and why we open it up to visitors.

Our farm store and alpaca tours will be open all summer long and we hope to see you and your families on the farm or at the 4-H fair this August. Whether you realize it or not, you bring us as much joy as our alpacas bring to you.

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