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Winnie in April of 2023



Winnie is the daughter of Centuria and Empyre.

Centuria is a fiber machine and holds a strong 23.4 micron count at seven years old. Her pedigree includes top alpaca herdsires including 4Peruvian Legacy and Majestic Peruvian Jeremiah.

TWF Peruvian Empyre is an exceptional white herdsire who won two Reserve Champions banners and three 1st place ribbons in 2018 and 2019. Notable genetics also include TWF Peruvian Embosser, Peruvian Vengador, PPPeruvian Royal Fawn, Snowmass Quechua, Snowmass Best Man, Snowmass Accoyocusani, 4Peruvian Legacy, Peruvian Don Julio, Peruvian Accoyo Elite, PHA Accoyo Bentley, and Snowmass White Gold.


There is no question about who Winnie belongs to on our farm. She holds her dam’s massive amount of fiber in both volume and staple length. But what sets Winnie truly apart is her exceptional conformation and stance. She is rock solid and well proportioned.

When Winnie’s cria coat was sheared we were amazed at the quality. The blanket was bright white and full of luster. The crimp was forming into a nicely developed structure that was accompanied by beautiful little bundles of fiber. Winnie has a blend of Centuria’s amazing fleece length and volume combined with Empyre’s spectacular banner-winning fleece characteristics. She is the true package of fleece, conformation, and loving personality.

Winnie’s 2022 EPD ranks did not disappoint. She landed in the top 15% for AFD, SDAFD, SF, %F>30, MC, and %M. She is currently at 25% for fleece weight, but we know this will quickly shift as she ages and reaches her full adult size.


Winnie resides in an area with females much older and larger than her, but this does not stop her from rushing over to greet her human parents or farm visitors. She’ll push her way into the mix and reach her little head up to give her human mom an alpaca kiss. Needless to say, we’re super proud of Winnie’s maturity and the young woman she is becoming.

Color Genotype: eeAA

Winnie’s ASIP alleles show she has two brown alleles and she does not carry black. Her MC1R alleles show she has full dilution. This genotype combination tells us she will produce light-colored offspring that includes brown, fawn, and white coloring.

Winnie’s Namesake

Winnie is named after Carrie Winn Boomer. Carrie is a long-time family friend of the Gills passed away after a long fight with Parkinson’s Disease. Carrie (and husband MJ) was a very close friend to Jason’s mom and dad (Lil and Rick). Carrie and her family were close to the Gills for decades and there are many family stories that include Carrie, MJ, and their childrens. Carrie had a kind soul, had an amazing laugh, and possessed a strong desire to find interesting Teletubbies and Popeye gifts for Rebecca’s daughter Ally. Carrie’s desire to please little Ally (who she had just met) sums up her unique personality quickly. Carrie was just a bundle of love and goodness. When little Winnie arrived, we knew she would be named after this amazing woman who was loved by so many people.

General Information

Highlights: Fiber Machine
Type: Female Huacaya Alpaca
Status: Unproved Breeder
Birthdate: 09/21/2021
Official Name: Cotton Creek's Winnie
Registration: ARI Registered
ARI No: 36044573
Color: 100 - White

Fiber Statistics

MFD µ = 19.7
SD µ = 3.9
CV % = 19.6%
SF µ = 18.9
%>30µ = .9%
CF % = 99.1%
Mean SL = 126
Length SD = 5.7
Length CoV = 4.6%
Mean Curv = 49.6
SD Curv = 21.3
MF = 5.3%


Sire: TWF Peruvian Empyre - ARI# 35355304
Dam: Fun in the Country's Perfect Centuria - ARI# 32512175


Certificate of Registration

2022 Histogram

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