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PL Pink and Black Alpaca Ski Socks


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Holiday Alpacas ($7.50)

These pink and black alpaca ski socks are just the right length to protect your leg from boot chaffing, while the alpaca fiber will keep your feet dry and your toes cozy warm. This alpaca sock is knit with alpaca fibers specifically designed to manage moisture. It also uses the natural anti-microbial properties of Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil to provide odor for all-day comfort. Alpaca wool is hypogenic and repels water naturally. Made in Peru.


70% Baby Alpaca

25% Nylon

5% Spandex

Care: Machine Washable

SizeWomen's Shoe SizeMen's Shoe Size
Extra Large11-1212-14

Small/Medium, Large/XL

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