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Alpaca Ski Socks

Our alpaca ski socks have everything you need for that perfect day on the slopes! Alpaca fiber is a natural superstar for creating high-quality ski socks.

Here’s why sports enthusiasts love alpaca for skiing:

  • Alpaca is three times warmer than sheep’s wool so your feet will stay toasty warm all day long.
  • Alpaca is known for its strong durability so it can effortlessly outperform top named ski socks.
  • Alpaca naturally provides a moisture wicking material.
  • Alpaca provides a breathable wear that reduces sweat and helps keep your feet dry throughout the day.
  • Alpaca ski socks will have just the right amount of tightness and length so they’ll stay in place as you zoom around the slopes.
  • Alpaca ski socks will have reinforced toes and heal to cushion your feet in all the right places.

If you’re heading out on a trip and need your socks quickly, we’ve got your back. Our family works hard to make sure orders are processed within 24 hours of receipt and we ship Priority Mail, so you can order with confidence.

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