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Alpaca are Like Shoes: You Can Never Have Too Many

This articles was last updated on 01/06/2021.

It was tax season and a return was coming. Like any compulsive buyer, this meant we needed to spend that month right away. Which, by the way, is not at all our standard behavior.  But when you find yourself with a newfound addiction, you have no choice but to run out with your tax return and shop.

In this family, it meant we go looking for alpacas. The boys in our family shop for alpacas daily. They are constantly on Google, OpenHerd, Facebook, and Craig’s List scanning for alpacas and checking out any new listings. They canvas the listings for fiber quality, genetics, and overall look. Discussions of fiber Histograms and EPDs are a common thing at our breakfast table, dinner table, and on long car rides.

Many have questioned why we’ve jumped into alpaca farming, and honestly, I don’t think any of us have a great reason. We simply fell in love with these unique creatures and we all know alpacas are the only livestock that we want to devote our time and money. For us it’s part business, part family hobby, and part obsession.

And it’s this obsession that brought us to Loney’s Alpaca Junction in Lake City. Bill and Gina Loney were wonderful sellers and went above and beyond to help us pick out the right alpacas, negotiate the price, and deliver our lovely ladies home to us. Gina stated she knew how hard it was to get started and she wanted to help out new alpaca farmers. And she did just that.

On May 25th, Gina and Bill brought Princess, Dolly, and Reba to our farm. We were all thrilled with the new arrivals and were also excited for Princess to deliver her cria. She was approaching her due date and we knew we’d be immediately on cria watch.

The three girls blended in nicely. Dolly and Reba became good friends with Faith, who was our shyest alpaca. The fact that they all have country singer names is purely coincidental.

Princess is friendly and kind, while Reba and Dolly tend to be more timid. Princess made herself at home right away and it took us a few days to get Dolly and Reba to warm up to us. But the connection to us and the farm happened quickly. Soon they were eating out of our hands and just like the rest of the girls.

And in an instant, it seems like they’ve always been part of our farm. Just like the arrival of Faith and Stormy, I can’t imagine life on the farm without these adorable ladies.

3 thoughts on “Alpaca are Like Shoes: You Can Never Have Too Many”

    1. Rebecca Gill

      Barbara I mean the process of breeding and raising alpacas for profit. Along with that comes agritourism, which is my favorite, because I love sharing alpacas with children.

      1. How do I tame my new 5 year old and 2.5 year old alpacas? They are very timid, especially the 5yo.

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