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Raising Alpacas

Teddy and Levi

2020 Cria Calendar

It’s spring and that means the crias are coming! I absolutely love having births on the farm and I cannot wait for our crias to arrive. Check out our 2020 cria calendar to see who is arriving soon.

Ariana in Labor With Jason Helping

A Difficult Alpaca Birth

When she went into labor on May 15th, it was a completely different story. While she did wait for my husband to leave, she slowed her birth down and waited for assistance. She did so because her baby wasn’t positioned correctly and she knew she was in trouble.

Our Alpaca Ladies Enjoying a Little Warm Weather

Unexpected Alpaca Adoptions

I didn’t know what to expect when we adopted Faith and Stormy, but I’m sure glad we took the chance and brought our adopted alpacas home. Now that they are farm residents, I simply cannot imagine what life would be without them.

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