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Hunter and Indie

Welcoming the Ladies of Broken Arrow Ventures

This articles was last updated on 01/06/2021.

My husband Jason watches closely for alpaca retirement sales. He knows they are a good source of quality alpacas and you help another farmer move on with the next phase of their life. Overall it is good for us and the alpaca industry. That said, I’m always the voice of reason who thinks about money, space in the barn, and the new alpacas’ ability to have a peaceful acclamation to our existing herd.

Everyone Has a Story

When he approached me about the alpacas from Broken Arrow Ventures alpaca farm in Mill Hall, Pennsylvania, I was hesitant. Very hesitant. I just wasn’t sure it was the right time to add more ladies to our growing alpaca herd. And it was so far away, we couldn’t really jump in the car to go and see them prior to purchase.

Then I heard the story of the alpaca owners’ first attempt at a sale.

The alpaca farmers had already sold these girls once. They loaded them all up in a trailer, drove hours and hours to their new farm, then arrived to find unsuitable conditions. The alpacas were never unloaded. Instead, the couple turned around and brought them straight back home.

This broke my heart and it spoke to me. I didn’t want the girls going anywhere close to that situation and I knew the original owners had to be very concerned and cautious. I couldn’t blame them. As alpaca farmers, we put our hearts and souls into these animals and you only want the best for them.

When we started to speak with Christa about the sale, she interviewed us just as much as we were investigating her and her alpacas. That again spoke to me and I knew I couldn’t say no. And honestly, I’m really glad I didn’t.

In the end, we purchase all seven alpacas. I even purchased some of their alpaca yarn to put in our online alpaca store.

Seven New Alpacas Full of Love and Attitude

The new girls include seven very diverse alpacas in both look and personality. Our new additions include:

  • Attie – Officially called Athena Rose, Miss Attie is full of attitude. She refused to take trouble from anyone and will defend her space quickly. She hangs close to her daughter Ginger Snap.
  • Avalon – Officially Sweet Avalon and totally a name that suits her. Avalon runs to greet you, she sniffs you up and down, and she enjoys a good neck scratch. She brightens my day each time I see her, because I know she is always very happy to see me.
  • Ginger SnapGinger Snap is always talking. At first, I through her humming was because she hadn’t settled yet, but then I realized she was just communicating with us. Her humming has quieted some, but if someone is going to talk, it is going to be Miss Ginger.
  • Indie – Officially called Little Miss Independent, I find Indie to be just plain lovable. She likes to have eye to eye contact and conversations with me. As the days go on, I can feel her growing more and more content and wanting to be physically close to me. Indie was purchased by my son Hunter, so I cannot call her my own. Hunter saved up his own money to pay for Indie and he drove ten hours to bring her home. Indie will always be Hunter’s alpaca.
  • Koko BeanBean is my husband’s favorite. She is extremely tall and regal, yet funny and lovable at the same time. She loves to say hello and tends to be a greeter to anyone new.
  • VinVincentia is an Accoyo alpaca, which makes her a bit more special than the rest. And if you watch her, you would swear she knows it. She is watchful, calm, and a bit of a matriarch. In fact, she may be our new queen bee and I’m pretty sure our old queen bee (Ariana) doesn’t even mind. Over the last few weeks, I find Vin standing closer and closer to be. She doesn’t want to be touched yet, but she wants to stand about six inches from me at all times. I find her a bit magical.
  • ZulaZula is a big goofball. It’s the best way I can describe this six-year-old alpaca. She hangs a lot with Bean and is growing a pretty large crush on my husband. To my surprise, I think she enjoyed our alpaca birthday party more than anyone else. She was hesitant when she first saw all the kids, but then she jumped right in and didn’t want to miss out on any of the fun.

Only a Few Week and We’re All Family

I’m thankful to say everything turned out great. We absolutely love the seven girls and we could not be happier with their arrival at our farm. The new girls seem happy and content, while our existing herd really likes having them here.

It appears the larger our alpaca herd grows, the happier the alpacas become. I suspect this falls in line with the herd mentality and the need to have many alpacas to feel well adjusted and safe.

I am apparently adopting herd mentality, because the more alpacas we own, the happier I become.

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